Skjæretykkelse 8-12 (15)mm
SAP 46431

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NAVN: POWER Plasma 3035/M
AMP: 5 – 30A
VOLT: 1 X 115/230V
Max. Skjæretykkelse 8-12 (15)mm

VARE NR.: 279
SAP 46431

POWER PLASMA 3035/M was created to meet the need of working in the body shop with an easy to handle, easy to use power source with minimal system requirements yet able to ensure excellent quality cutting on all metals, including the new high-strength steels.
POWER PLASMA 3035/M weights just 13 kg including the torch, and requires single-phase power supply; it works with compressed air or nitrogen (for high-quality cutting), provided at a pressure of 3.5 bar, with an air flow of just 60 l/min (and may thus be powered by a 25-l compressor).
The recommended thickness, for the best cutting quality and productivity, is 8 mm; the maximum thickness is 12 mm and the severance thickness is 15 mm.

  • Automatic voltage change (115/230 V +15% / -20%).
  • Pilot arc operating mode, which makes it possible to work even on painted or coated metals.
  • Pilot self-restart, selectable from the panel, to interrupt and automatically reset the arc when cutting screens and grids, increasing operator productivity.
  • Nozzle holder protection, as required by standards IEC 60974-7, which eliminates the risk to the operator of direct accidental contact with the gas nozzle.
  • High voltage arc striking with high frequency, to ensure reliable lighting of the pilot arc and reduced disturbances.
  • High electromagnetic compatibility, per IEC 60974-10, allowing the power source to be used in the vicinity of electronic equipment (such as computers, PLC, etc.).
  • Explosion-proof protection of the air reducer unit.

The power source is particularly suitable for cutting the overlapped sheets that are commonly used in the car bodies
The compliance with EN 61000-3-12
brings substantial energy saving and a wide supply voltage tolerance (+15% / -20%).
The power source can also be powered by motor-driven generators of adequate power (min. 6KVA).


Tekniske data

Art. 279 Specifications S CE
missing image file 115/230V 50/60 Hz
+ 15% / -20%
Single phase input
missing image file 32 A 16A
(115 V) (230 V)
Fuse rating (slow blow)
missing image file 3,5 KVA 40%
2,8 KVA 60%
2,4 KVA 100%
Input power
campo di regolazione corrente 5A ÷ 30A Current adjustment range
missing image file 30A 35%
25A 60%22A 100%
Duty Cycle (10 min.40°C)
According to IEC 60974.1
Regolazione continua ELECTRONIC Stepless regulation
Spessori acciaio 8-12 (15) mm
1/3”-1/2” (5/8”)
Thickness on steel: Recommended- Max.-(Severance)
Lughezza torcia 4m (13 ft.) Torch length
Consumo aria 60 lt/min – 3,5 bar Air consumption
missing image file IP 23 S Protection class
missing image file 13 Kg Weight
missing image file 175x503x400H Dimensions mm



Slangepakke - Deler

Technical data

Art. 1207 – 1207.20 – 1206 Specifications S CE
missing image file 40A 60%
25A 100%
Duty Cycle (10 min.40°C)
According to IEC 60974.1
Lughezza torcia 4m (13 ft.) Torch length (art. 1208)
6 m (18 ft) Torch length (art. 1207)
12 m (36 ft) Torch length (art. 1207.20)
missing image file 0,930 Kg Weight (art. 1208)
2,640 Kg Weight (art. 1207)
4,670 Kg Weight (art. 1207.20)


Accessories and consumables

Art. Description
1206 Cebora CP40 MAR hand torch with direct connection. 4 m (12 ft) long
1207 Cebora CP40 DAR torch for profile machine,with direct connection. 6 m (18 ft) long
1207.20 Cebora CP40 DAR torch for profile machine,with direct connection. 12 m (36 ft) long
1942 Handle assy for hand torches
1136 Body for hand torches
1347 Body for torches for profile machine
1290 Ø 0.7 mm nozzles (5 pieces)
1516 Electrodes (5 pieces)
1507 Swirl rings (2 pieces)
1900 Nozzle holder
162 Wheeled compasses for CP40 MAR hand torch art. 1208
157 Wheeled torch holder. For art. 162